Life Sciences Future is an event like no other.  We took the “traditional” conference model and turned it on its head.  Below outlines just some of the innovative and engaging sessions planned for #LSF2017.


Funding Meet-Ups are an informal and informative way to get connected with the funding you need to grow your life science business in Pennsylvania. The Meet-Ups are two-fold; presenting the opportunity to both hear presentations and connect face to face with investment organizations based on the type of funding your organization is seeking. Interspersed with the Company Presentations, you’ll hear from investors, angel groups, venture capital firms and others. They will give short presentations about the types of funding that they are offering before moving into the Meet-Up space to hold a discussion that will cover one of the following topics:


  • Venture Capital Financing
  • Securing Government Grants
  • Working with Angel Investors
  • Funding from Disease Groups/Foundations


The best way to connect with these investment organizations is to do so before the conference, via the partnering system. After you register, you’ll be given log-in credentials for the partnering system, where you can see the other organizations participating in the conference.  You are then able to reach out to set up one-on-one meetings


Present your company at the Life Sciences Future conference to get in front of professionals from all sectors of life sciences in the Mid-Atlantic region. Entrepreneurs, investors and business development professionals will be in attendance. Companies are selected by a review committee considering the following criteria: stage of development; intellectual property protection; expected time of next capital raise; whether the technology is licensable; and conference appeal to the bioscience industry or other potential partners. Presentation must be hosted by the company CEO or a designated executive. Presentation will focus on corporate missions and types of opportunities sought.


What is a Company Reverse Pitch?
Attendees will learn how to approach and communicate with business development teams. Included are presentations from major pharma/biotech/medical device organizations about the technologies they are seeking and not seeking, and how to navigate the process.


Scientific Posters at Life Sciences Future provide an opportunity to connect business development professionals, investors, and other major players in the industry. On September 19, Symposium: Partnerships in Science, scientific posters will be displayed and highlighted throughout the day. Scientific Posters are a great way to share research that solves problems and addresses issues facing the life sciences industry.

The Details

Life Sciences Future
September 18 - 19, 2017
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Philadelphia, PA

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