Company Presentations

Present your company at Life Sciences Future to get in front of entrepreneurs, investors and business development executives from all sectors of life sciences in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.


Presenting companies are selected by a review committee considering the following criteria: stage of development; intellectual property protection; expected time of next capital raise; whether the technology is licensable; and conference appeal to the bioscience industry or other potential partners. Presentation must be hosted by the company CEO or a designated executive. Presentation will focus on corporate missions and types of opportunities sought.

The following companies have been selected to make presentations at Life Sciences Future 2017:

  • SFA Therapeutics
  • OncoCeutics
  • Sonavex
  • Quantitative Radiology Solutions
  • Yiviva
  • CARMA Therapeutics
  • Sen-Jam Pharmaceuticals
  • Renerva
  • Trovita Health Science
  • ConverGene
  • Wellesley Pharmaceuticals
  • Intensity Therapeutics
  • LifeCuff Technologies
  • Genome Profiling
  • Recensa Therapeutics
  • QR Pharma

The Details

Life Sciences Future
September 18 - 19, 2017
Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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